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Post  IanH on Wed Aug 18, 2010 9:15 am

So ... I make this topic just to let you guys know what program that I'm taking , what it's about , how and what am I doing lately.

The school and program that I'm going to study is call NAIT ( Northern Alberta of Information Technology ) and the program names " Pre-technology ". It has two semesters (almost 1 year , I guess). Well basically, it's almost the same program (Foundation in business and Information technology) that we used to study at INTI, The only different is changes of some subjects and it down from 3 semesters to 2 semesters, I guess you can say that.

So the subjects that I'm going to study in semester 1 are

1. Introductory Chemistry
2. Physics (Mechanics and Heat)
3. Fundamental Trigonometry : This is an introductory course to develop an understanding of basic trigonometry, trigonometric ratios and their applications.
4. Introductory Mathematics
5. Effective Communications : a course that focuses on the writing process. It includes English fundamentals, such as grammar, mechanics, and style. In addition, the course requires students to give oral presentations with visual accompaniment.
6. Keys to Student Success

Ps: I don't understand why i have to study chemistry and physics :S

So for the 2nd semester I get to choose 3 options ( almost the same with INTI but I get to choose 1 more option XD )

1st stream:

1. Effective Communications
2. Introductory C++ Programming ( We did this last time XD )
3. Introductory Computer Software Applications : is designed to introduce the student to some basic software and to the Internet. The student will develop word-processing skills, by creating, editing, formatting and printing documents. The student will learn to create a spreadsheet, to develop formulas to do specific calculations, and to create graphs to display data effectively. The student will learn to create a presentation using powerpoint by making and modifying slides, and by adjusting a presentation using animations and transitions.
4. Fundamental Mathematics & Calculus
5. Physics (AC and Electronics) : Provides the student with an opportunity to know and use the physical principles, laws and mathematical relationships relating to the fundamentals of electricity and magnetism.

2nd stream:

1. Effective Communications
2. Intermediate Algebra & Trigonometry
3. Introductory Computer Software Applications
4. Physics
5. Drafting Fundamentals or Chemistry ( I have to choose one of these 2 options )

3rd stream:

1. English
2. Intermediate Algebra & Trigonometry
3. Introductory Computer Software Applications
4. Introductory Biology
5. Chemistry or Physics ( So this is also the same , I have to choose one of them )

Summaries of 3 stream:

1st stream is more like study physics and IT thingy and I think most probably I will go for this stream because this is the most suitable for me. If I finish study this stream , the study that I might go on is - Computer Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, Instrumentation Engineering Technology, Telecommunications Engineering Technology, Network Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering , Avionics Engineering Technology, Biomedical Engineering Technology, Electrical Service Technician.

2nd stream is more like going to chemistry or drafting field
-The option that might on if choose Chemistry are -
Chemical Technology, Chemical Engineering Technology, Geological Technology, Materials Engineering Technology, Petroleum Engineering Technology, Photographic Technology, Power Engineering Technology, Water and Wastewater Technician, IHET.
-Another option drafting is Drafting Elective: Civil Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, Architectural Technology, Landscape Architectural Technology, Engineering Design and Drafting Technology, Construction Engineering Technology, Interior Design Technology, Graphic Communication, Photographic Technology, HVAC.

3rd stream is kinda like Physics and Chemistry field

-For physics option: Physics Elective: Medical Radiologic Technology, Diagnostic Medical Sonograpy, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Occupational Health and Safety.
-Chemistry: Animal Health Technology, Dental Laboratory Technology, Denturist Technology, Dental Assisting, Baking, Culinary Arts, Forest Technology, Personal Fitness Trainer, Emergency Medical Technology - Paramedic, Food and Nutrition Management, Biological Sciences Technology - Environmental Sciences - Laboratory & Research - Renewable Resources, Respiratory Therapy, Combined Laboratory and X-ray Technology, Radio & Television Broadcasting, Cyctotechnology, Medical Laboratory technology.


How am I doing lately ?
I'm fine actually, I'm staying with my auntie and her family. So .... I guess there won't be many problem to me.

Why did I come Canada 1 month before my study ?
First of all I need to get used to here. This is not like I go study at KK or KL from Kudat. Everything is pretty different here, weather, the way people here do all those thing , food , how to go to school , here and there , how to communicate with people and all those thing.

What am I doing lately ?
To be honest , nothing much lol. My daily activity now is like WoWing sometime , study a little , help my cousin do that and this , sometime go there and here and others.

What I am going or planning to do ?
Hmmm actually my auntie's son is study about computer science , I guess. He finish his bachelor study few year ago and he had been working all these time. He is a pr0 ( I can say that or at least to me ). So if I have any computer question I can go to ask him or if I want to study anything new , he will teach me ( Well he did teach me some new thing these days ) And school gonna start in 2 weeks , so I guess I gonna focus on study ( I hope so :S )


Finally I want to say that maybe I'm an amateur now I can't help you guys with anything, but if I learn something new or either I finish my study , I will help you guys with everything that I had learn.

And guys , I guess that is all for now and I apologize for my English failure , I /copy some of the program detail to this article ( I'm not that pr0 in writing , you guys know that XD )

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