Legit CC Dumps And Bank Login Vendor

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Legit CC Dumps And Bank Login Vendor

Post  bmt on Thu Oct 28, 2010 6:48 pm

Hello brothers,

We are ready introduce you our service. We have dumps only with
ORIGINAL TRACK1+TRACK2. Approval rate very high, we sell only good
dumps. We have daily update. we sell only high quality dumps and
guarantee they will work good, not for 20$ or 100$.

We accept: Webmoney, Liberty reserve, Western union. We work 24/7 and
have excellent customers support.

Rules of our service:

1. I send binlist only for my regular buyers.
2. I dont have dumps with pin.
3. I dont provide tests.
4. We are not checking dumps , our dumps dont need that.
5. Replacement 24 hours, for regular buyers can give more.
6. Webmoney - NO minimum payment, Liberty Reserve - NO minimum payment,
Western union/Money Gram - 500 dollars min + 7-10% drop fee. First time
buyers can ask me about 300 dollars first payment.
7. I give bonus for every order, for regular buyers give good
8. Resellers Welcome.

Our prices USA dumps:
1pcs =15$

>100pcs =10$
>500pcs =7$

1pcs =30$

>50pcs =25$
>100pcs =20$
>500pcs =10$

1pcs =40$

>50pcs =30$
>100pcs =25$
>500pcs =20$

>100pcs =15$
>500pcs =7$

*amex Centurion = 40$
*amex Gold and Up = 30$

Dumps with CVV: 50-60 dollars

Delivery dumps :

Wmz/Lr - instant delivery
Western union/Money gram - 3-12 hrs , ask me about the time.

Special offers:
100 pcs plat - 1900$
100 pcs mix 2200$

Email : mac_tzu9@yahoo.com

Ym : mac_tzu9

Icq : 600980136

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